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Robert H. Anderson

Some think of it as their favorite professional organization. Some feel that its members are their most valued professional friends. Some perceive that it resembles a likeable adolescent who hasn't yet decided 'what to be.' Some think that it provides inspiration and information for being a more successful professor/researcher. Most say that it meets an important personal and professional need. Almost all regard their membership as an exceptionally good (and inexpensive) professional investment.


COPIS Leadership

1975-76 ‪ Ben Harris‬
1976-77 Barbara Hartsig Margaret Phelps John Greene
1977-78 Leslee Bishop Peter Oliva Robert Krajewski
1978-79 Leslee Bishop Peter Oliva Robert Krajewski



COPIS has had and continues to have a number of ad hoc or continuing committees, whose members have often make notable contributions. Records are not sufficient at this moment to permit an accurate and complete listing, but examples include:


Chronology (Through 1974)

1974 Exploratory Conversations COPIS Meetings * Meetings at ASCD
1975 *March 15, New Orleans
1976 *March 13, Miami Beach
1977 *March 19, Houston (Charter Meeting)
1978 December 7–9, Kent, OH (Kent State Ohio) *March 4, San Francisco


In the Beginning

The very beginning is difficult to trace, since memories and records are somewhat inadequate. All of the people who became charter members, as well as most who have since become involved, were (and are) ASCD'ers who shared not only a special interest in the of ASCD but also a feeling that the people enjoyed a sense of community and camaraderie that the people ought to have. Although it may never have been said in so many words, the Professors of Curriculum group with its decades-long history of conferencing just prior to the national ASCD convention served as a prototype for the COPIS founders to follow.



Through the spring of 1987, not including the events that preceded the New Orleans meeting in 1975, the members of COPIS have assembled for purposes of professional sharing, socializing, getting acquainted, and conducting organization affairs a total of twenty-two times.The membership roster has changed up and down over the years, and at least 200 persons have participated in COPIS events as members, non-member presenters and/or guests.There is a relatively stable nucleus of about 35 persons who have provided continuity.Most, but unfortunately not all, of the scholars whose research, publications and teaching have graced and enlarged the field of instructional supervision are COPIS-connected, and probably no other forum has ever yielded as much thought about the field as has the COPIS forum.Without question the goal of "community" has been achieved to a significant extent.Less clear is the COPIS impact upon ASCD and its orientation to the dimension, although the annual ASCD program since 1975 has featured, as a "best guess," at least one hundred events prompted by COPIS and involving COPIS contributors.



Arthur Blumberg and Edward Pajak, founding members of COPIS, made profound contributions to the study and practice of instructional supervision. In their memory, the Blumberg-Pajak Scholarship fund supports awards and travel for doctoral students and recent graduates to attend and be recognized at COPIS events.

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